Mar 30, 2013

the eye of the (be)holder

still from George Méliès’s Le Voyage dans la lune

This week at OSLab we're thinking about what happens when we realize we're being gazed at (is there a loss of autonomy, a surrender to the other? are we only imagining the extent to which we are seen?) and the impact we have when we gaze (is it a normative gaze? do we construct a person as we view them?) We're jostling things about over here, trying to turn our lenses inward on...our lenses. You know the drill. We decided we can't say it any more clearly than this cheeky cephalopod did, when it stole a diver's camera and became the one holding the lens. (You'll want to watch full screen to see the subtitles, and odds are you'll be humming I Love You...Octopus when you're through.)

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